I have never flown in an airplane with a propeller. Is it safe?
Like all activities, flying in an airplane poses a certain amount of risk. Our safety procedures and practices have been designed to minimize those risks in an effort to protect you, our customer, and our equipment. All flights will be conducted on a flight plan filed with the Federal Aviation Administration. Throughout the flight the pilot will be in radio communications with Air Traffic Controllers. This extra layer of supervision provides another resource should your aircraft experience any unexpected difficulties along your route. General aviation aircraft conduct thousands of flights daily with no incidents. We do carry some emergency equipment and  have contingency plans in the rare event they are needed.

I have heard that propeller airplanes can’t fly in bad weather, is that true?
We have all been forced to cancel our plans due to weather. Heavy snows can close streets and roads, storms can knock down trees and utility lines. Even the airliners have to cancel flights due to severe weather. Our Skylane is equipped with all the necessary instruments for flying in and through the clouds. It even has a satellite receiver to show the weather along the intended route in near real time. This information allows the pilot and air traffic controllers to adjust the route as required to make it as smooth and safe as possible. Your safety and comfort is of paramount importance. If weather or other conditions forces the cancellation of a flight you will be notified as soon as that determination is made.

Is there a bathroom on board?
​No. You will be advised as to the approximate length of your flight and rest facilities are available at our terminal. Should any emergency arise, the pilot can land at an alternate airport along the route.

I want to charter a plane to fly in my elderly parents for our daughter’s wedding. Can you accommodate them?
​Generally, getting in and out of our Skylane is no harder than getting in and out of an SUV. Every effort will be made to get them safely on board and off again.

What about luggage?
​Our Skylane can accommodate up to 120 pounds of luggage in its cargo compartment. It is not easily accessible in flight if it contains something you want. There is no additional baggage fee.

Can I use my laptop/tablet or electronic games during the flight?

Those planes look small, can I move around during the flight?
​Think car instead of a bus. Just as the passenger compartment of a car limits movement, the comfortable leather interior of our Skylane is similar. Each seat can recline to offer the seating position most comfortable for you and each is equipped with a 3-point lap/shoulder harness. For your safety and comfort we do require you to keep your seatbelt fastened for the duration of the flight.

What about air conditioning?
Our Skylane is not air conditioned; however, the atmosphere normally cools rapidly with altitude. Even on the hottest summer days, we can climb to a comfortable temperature. The airplane is equipped with a heater for cool weather operations.

What about flying at night?
No problem, the airplane and pilot are both comfortable flying at night. Often the still night air provides the smoothest rides and the lights on the ground may provide a breath-taking panorama below.

My flight is scheduled to depart at 10am, when should I arrive at the airport?
The short answer is 10am. However, it is recommended to arrive 10-15 minutes early to make a rest stop and board the airplane. Don’t worry if you are running a little late – we won’t leave without you! You will be provided with a phone number to call if you need to substantially change the itinerary.

You mention the flexibility offered by airports not served by commercial airlines. How do I know into which airport I want to fly?
​You tell us the address and we will determine the airport that best suits your needs. For example, there are at least a dozen airports within the city and suburbs of Chicago. Only two are served by the airlines.

I have heard propeller airplanes can only haul a limited amount of weight. I am kind of a big guy. Is that really a problem?
All aircraft, boats, cars and trucks have a maximum weight they can carry. For most flights, our Skylane can accommodate up to 580 pounds of passengers and cargo.

My business requires I carry tools including knives, box cutters and scissors. Can I carry these along?

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