Flying charter can actually save you money!

• Scheduling predictability & control
• Access to convenient airports
• No security lines or checked baggage
• Arrive and leave on your timeline
• Flexibility to change last minute
• Increased productivity
• Saves employee time
• Condense multiple travel days into one day

Fly Direct
We can fly direct to thousands of airports and hundreds in Ohio that aren’t served by the airlines. You’ll be closer to your destination and your return flight when you’re ready to leave. Your schedule is our itinerary. Enjoy the stress-free environment of the skies all while taking a rest or even staying productive.

Save Time
Time is money and your time is extremely valuable. Air charter results in greater efficiency, more production and the peace of mind that you’ll be safely back home at the end of the day. No need to waste time with early check-ins, aggravating delays and missed connections with the airlines. Park free and come and go at your leisure.

Lower Costs
Sporty’s Air Charter not only saves you time, but unnecessary nights away from home and traveling between multiple destinations. Combine trips with colleagues or friends and save even more.